Dickson  Bou
Spectrum CaseSpectrum CaseSpectrum Case
Spectrum Case
This project grew out of my interest in space or the making of space. I have come to realize that space is arbitrarily designated, physically or mentally. For this project I was thinking about ways of creating space and ways to intensify our perception of space. What came out was the use of sound to create space. By correlating different noise frequencies to the different frequencies of colours, what you get is the noise spectrum. For example, white noise maintains equal intensity at all frequencies making it analogous to white light which contains all frequencies. The frequency of blue noise would be correlated to the frequency of the colour blue and so on for each colour. I have constructed a briefcase out of wood that is fixed with speakers and an mp3 player which plays different colours from the noise spectrum. By keeping the noise in a portable case, I have the ability to carry the entire noise spectrum with me in a way that is perceptible, yet, at the same time, discrete. I can pass through spaces, changing their environments with sound. With different colours of the noise spectrum at various volume levels “soundscapes” are created and altered in each space. Walking from location to location, I am able to envelop myself in different parts of the sound spectrum creating painted walls with noise.

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