Dickson  Bou
Bruce Peninsula with ArmatureLondon with armature Catching LondonBlanket of Wood and Metal


Contact Paper, Tinfoil, Fishing Line, Eye Screws

Click on the thumbnails to enlargeSticksCrumpledUntitledFlattenedWood'ncaseCherry Blossom ShipwreckWood & WhiteBarber/Bloodletter's PoleOverseasThe TwinsPoppyFall Inside a WinterThe Delicious OneLike Lipstick WormholeNatural Satellites (series)From Faraway (ongoing series) StairwellUntitledA Slice of Antares, the Red SupergiantThe MoosetrapTwo Moose is LooseParkheadBlack Hole/Twisted CeilingWell, It's My Nipple NowSpectrum Case1/1Diaper ChandelierLounge/Vacuum Seal LoungeHeartNova Scotia with Armature